My name is Julie, and I hope to guide you towards more comfortable, confident, consistent singing, regardless of genre, voice type, or musical goal.

photo 2I enjoy fusing scientific technique with more organic discovery, providing each student with a one-of-a-kind lesson and practice plan to encourage what they do best while improving on their needs.  I believe every person has something unique to communicate, and I want to help each student find their voice — or cultivate their love of music — with confidence and ease. 

Everyday, I am thankful to share my balanced experiences and skill-set with dedicated, bright, and uniquely talented students from ages 8 to 65. I am equally committed to help YOU realize your goals and experience vocal/musical growth and performance stability.

Please read more about the studio, and fill out our simple contact form to request a lesson time (or to find out more).  I hope to meet you soon — either in person or online!