The Fiore Music Studio provides professional voice lessons, piano lessons, music instruction and performance coaching in Austin — it’s the Live Music Capital for a reason!

For the past nineteen years, I have worked as a professional singer and music teacher / performance coach. I consider myself fortunate to have studied with some of the industry’s photo 1finest clinicians, voice teachers, vocal coaches, performance psychologists, and vocal “scientists”, and lucky to have performed eclectic repertoire across the United States and Europe, in some of the world’s greatest concert halls and music venues.

I have committed myself to bring well-rounded knowledge and experience to you — every lesson, every week — to make sure you reach your personal goals.

Please read more about the studio (including my personal promise to each and every student), and fill out the simple contact form to request a lesson time. Or, email me directly for more information!

Truly hope to meet you soon — either in person or online!

About the Studio

My name is Julie, and I hope to guide you towards more comfortable, confident, consistent singing, regardless of genre, voice type, or musical goal.
photo 2I enjoy fusing scientific technique with more organic discovery, providing each student with a one-of-a-kind lesson and practice plan to encourage what they do best while improving on their needs.  I believe every person has something unique to communicate, and I want to help each student find their voice — or cultivate their love of music — with confidence and ease. 
Everyday, I am thankful to share my balanced experiences and skill-set with dedicated, bright, and uniquely talented students from ages 8 and up. I am equally committed to help YOU realize your goals and experience vocal/musical growth and performance stability.

 The focus of each individual’s lesson depends on several factors:

  • age of student (younger students, on average, only require thirty minutes; adult students usually benefit from a longer lesson time)
  • level of ability
  • student’s goals (increase range, learn new and challenging repertoire, strengthen vocal production, prepare a church solo or open mic set or for a big interview/audition, explore a new hobby, combat stage fright, develop deeper appreciation for music, etc.)
  • availability

Bottom line: Your lessons are tailored to your needs, wants, and goals. No two students are alike, so no two lessons are, either!

Julie also offers beginning to intermediate piano lessons and private music theory instruction.  You can add one or both of these skill-building activities to your regular voice lessons for enhanced musical training.

If you wish to prepare an upcoming event or audition, Julie is a certified performance coach and audition specialist, and works with many singers “onsite” in recording studios, rehearsal spaces, and concert halls. In addition to audition coaching, Julie also coaches interview technique — come perfect and practice your skills for your next big job opportunity!

OOOLogoWhiteStudents will have the opportunity to participate in a Spring Recital, usually held annually in April or early May.  As the Founder of One Ounce Opera (as well as an active performer herself), Julie has relationships with various venues, directors, photographers, bloggers, musicians, and organizations here in Austin and beyond, and often recommends her students for projects and gigs.

sigimg0-1Ms. Fiore is also a master teacher for Kids in a New Groove, a local non-profit organization who provide no-cost music lessons for children in the foster system or child protective services.


Services and Rates

Fiore Music Studio offers the following:

Private Music Lessons (weekly basis encouraged)

Julie (middle) with colleagues Rebekah and Chaz, in KUT's famed Studio 1A after an on-air interview with Eklektikos' host John Aielli.
Julie (middle) with colleagues Rebekah and Chaz, in KUT’s famed Studio 1A after an on-air interview with Eklektikos’ host John Aielli.
  • Voice
  • Piano
  • Voice or Piano Lessons via SKYPE!
  • Integrated Voice and Piano
  • Ongoing Repertoire or Audition Prep

Drop-in lessons (single lesson)

30 minutes – $30
45 minutes – $45
60 minutes – $60

Four Week Tuition (priced at a discount and recommended for regular students)*

FOUR 30 minute lessons – $110
FOUR 45 minute lessons – $160
FOUR 60 minute lessons – $205

Students purchase this as a package of four to be used during consecutive weeks, and are notified when their next tuition payment is due. It’s that simple!

Private Coachings (special sessions, some available via SKYPE!)

  • Repertoire/Vocal/Performance Coaching
  • Audition Prep
  • Music Theory Tutoring
  • Collegiate Music Audition Process Consulting
  • TMEA All-State Choir Music Prep

Single Private Lesson / Coaching Rates
$1 per minute in home studio and via Skype*

Other Special Offerings Include:

  • Private Interview Technique Coaching/Prep (new offering!!!!)
  • Private Speech and Presentation Coaching/Prep (new offering!!!!)
  • Dramatic Interpretation Workshops
  • GROUP Voice Classes (great for home-school groups, praise and worship teams, bands w/ several singers, etc.)
  • Performance Psychology  and “How to Audition” Workshops
  • Musical Theatre and Opera Scene Direction
  • and much more!

Prices for these services vary, and most are negotiable. Inquire by emailing julie (at) fioremusicstudio (dot) come, or submitting the online contact form.

Limited openings available, both in Austin and online.


*All lesson and coaching rates listed are for those which occur in Julie’s home studio.  An agreeable travel fee will be assessed for offerings which happen off-site. Questions? Just ask Julie!


Ms. Fiore also works with a local non-profit, Kids in a New Groove, which provides no-cost music lessons for children in the foster system (or associated with CASA).  She was featured giving a piano lesson to her student, Ja’myren, on YNN Austin’s “Forever Families” segment in May of 2012 with reporter Jennifer Borget.

“(My daughter)Taryn loved Julie as a vocal coach. Taryn’s vocal range and technique improved very much. She always said that Julie has a knack for being able to hear what you’re doing wrong, and then explain very well how to correct it…. Although my daughter has had other well-qualified instructors, Julie has always been her favorite.

I also had the opportunity to take some lessons from Julie over a couple of summers. I agree with my daughter that Julie is a very good instructor. She also is very good at helping you choose songs that work best with your voice — a real plus for auditions.
  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Julie Fiore to you for vocal instruction. She’s a fine instructor and a wonderful young woman.”
–Susan S., mother of Taryn S.

“After a lifetime (at 29 years old) of just assuming that I was 
incapable of singing, I decided to try voice lessons to see if I
 could, in fact, learn how to sing. Singing was always an embarrassing
 and physically awkward activity for me, and I was sure that I was
 doing it incorrectly.
  After just three lessons with Julie, singing had transformed into an
 activity that I did whenever I could, just because it was so much fun. 
I had very minimal musical experience before I began, but she helped 
to guide me through the very fundamentals of connecting with your own voice.
  Further lessons revealed Julie’s expansive knowledge, experience, and education with music. She’s pretty much able to answer any question I have in a very clear and easily understood way. She is also able to pinpoint what could be improved with the sound you’re making, and is very good at explaining how to improve it. Even if I show up at a lesson tired and glum, I always leave with a
 smile on my face. The lessons are fun and the value of the knowledge
 and experience you obtain from them is invaluable.” -Christine C.

“I have had several voice lessons with Julie and I usually learn something new about my voice each time!  I enjoy practicing using songs I like and having her give me feedback on where I can improve.  It’s fun to work with her to discover some of my singing talents.”
-Aruni G.

“I have two children with very different interests in music.  One wants to be a singer when she grows up and the other just wants something to do.  Julie is great about customizing their lessons so both girls are happy.  She moves each girl ahead according to their skill level and interest.  The lessons are reasonably priced and I feel like my girls are each getting what they need, which makes us all happy.”
-Julie P.

“This December I turned 40 years old. For the majority of my life I have always felt I couldn’t sing. One year ago I decided to change all that hearing that anyone can learn to sing with proper training. Julie Fiore has been great with me. She accepted my starting skill level and the amount of time that I have to commit and has brought me from “I have no clue what I’m doing” to “WOW, I can really hear myself singing on key”. In my lessons with Julie I have truly felt the feeling of achievement and feeling alive as I have progressed. Many times I have left her studio feeling touched and inspired. ”
-Tobin S.

“I have always wanted to learn how to sing. I wanted to do a song for fun or in a karaoke bar. I started taking lessons from Julie. It’s fun and challenging. I never thought I could sing but I can. Everyone has their own style and you find that through lessons with Julie. I have learned some of my favorite songs. Julie is great. I recommend her wherever you are in your singing ability.”

-Connie C.

“Julie is a true professional….  She is very capable of transferring her vast knowledge of  the voice to the young performer.  She has been a voice teacher for many of my students.  They all love her and hold great respect for her talent and her ability to communicate clearly about the voice.”
— Linda Dee Hughes, Artistic Director for Civic Amarillo Summer Youth Musical; Production Assistant for Amarillo Opera


Thank you for your interest in Fiore Music Studio! Lessons take place in Julie’s private home on Hancock Drive near Burnet Road in Central Austin. Exact address and studio policies will (of course!) be sent before the student confirms their first lesson.

To inquire about booking your first lesson or coaching, OR TO REQUEST A GIFT CERTIFICATE PURCHASE for yourself or a loved one, please use the form below (PS: all gift certificate transactions are completed via PayPal, so your payment is secure!). We’ll get back to you with all of the details ASAP!

However, if you have questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to email Julie directly.