About the Studio

My name is Julie, and I hope to guide you towards more comfortable, confident, consistent singing, regardless of genre, voice type, or musical goal.
photo 2I enjoy fusing scientific technique with more organic discovery, providing each student with a one-of-a-kind lesson and practice plan to encourage what they do best while improving on their needs.  I believe every person has something unique to communicate, and I want to help each student find their voice — or cultivate their love of music — with confidence and ease. 
Everyday, I am thankful to share my balanced experiences and skill-set with dedicated, bright, and uniquely talented students from ages 8 and up. I am equally committed to help YOU realize your goals and experience vocal/musical growth and performance stability.

 The focus of each individual’s lesson depends on several factors:

  • age of student (younger students, on average, only require thirty minutes; adult students usually benefit from a longer lesson time)
  • level of ability
  • student’s goals (increase range, learn new and challenging repertoire, strengthen vocal production, prepare a church solo or open mic set or for a big interview/audition, explore a new hobby, combat stage fright, develop deeper appreciation for music, etc.)
  • availability

Bottom line: Your lessons are tailored to your needs, wants, and goals. No two students are alike, so no two lessons are, either!

Julie also offers beginning to intermediate piano lessons and private music theory instruction.  You can add one or both of these skill-building activities to your regular voice lessons for enhanced musical training.

If you wish to prepare an upcoming event or audition, Julie is a certified performance coach and audition specialist, and works with many singers “onsite” in recording studios, rehearsal spaces, and concert halls. In addition to audition coaching, Julie also coaches interview technique — come perfect and practice your skills for your next big job opportunity!

OOOLogoWhiteStudents will have the opportunity to participate in a Spring Recital, usually held annually in April or early May.  As the Founder of One Ounce Opera (as well as an active performer herself), Julie has relationships with various venues, directors, photographers, bloggers, musicians, and organizations here in Austin and beyond, and often recommends her students for projects and gigs.

sigimg0-1Ms. Fiore is also a master teacher for Kids in a New Groove, a local non-profit organization who provide no-cost music lessons for children in the foster system or child protective services.